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Our Purpose

Smith Falls Family Chiropractic

Gratefully Serving Smiths Falls and the Region since 1997.

For decades now, the best part of our practice has been coming to serve you every day and connecting with the community members of Smith Falls. For us, it’s more than just treating generations of families and friends. It’s about getting to know you and your family, and creating lasting relationships built on trust, comfort and reliability.

We love doing what we do to help improve our community’s health and well-being.

Our Approach is Simple.

Use Proven Chiropractic Techniques to Improve your Overall Health and Quality of Life.

As a group and family practice, we understand each person is unique and take time to get to know you, your concerns, and your health. We practice multiple chiropractic techniques and offer a variety of other wellness services which we can tailor to you.

We Believe in Proactive Healthcare.

Proactive healthcare is the key to nurturing a vibrant and fulfilling life. Rather than waiting for health issues to arise, it’s about taking charge of your well-being through preventive measures and early interventions.

At its core, chiropractic care is about tapping into the body’s self-regulating and intelligent healing system to ensure you walk through life with ease and confidence, able to fully participate in all of life’s precious moments.

Meet the Team!

The Smith Falls Family Chiropractic Team is committed to providing exceptional care.

Dr. Frazer Smith


Dr. Frazer Smith discovered the life-changing benefits of chiropractic at a young age when he sought relief for chronic ear problems that conventional treatments couldn’t resolve. Witnessing the significant improvement in his condition through chiropractic care, Dr. Frazer and his entire family embraced this holistic approach to support their active lifestyles. Inspired by the positive impact chiropractic had on their lives, Dr. Frazer decided to become the family’s first chiropractor!

With a genuine passion for promoting family health and optimal function, Dr. Frazer prioritizes helping individuals regain their health and vitality. While he has experience working with athletes, including some olympians, his true fulfillment lies in supporting people of all ages and backgrounds on their healing journey.

Dr. Mark Czubak


Dr. Mark Czubak has experienced first hand the dramatic health shift chiropractic care can bring. While in his 20s, after a motorcycle adventure riding through the Australian outback, he crashed on his bike upon his return to Canada. Despite receiving emergency care for fracture, his injuries lingered and were unresolving. He sought the expertise of a chiropractor to correct and help heal the body trauma. The depth of understanding his chiropractor showed in body function and balance helped him heal his injuries.

Choosing to become a chiropractor came naturally for Dr. Mark. His education at the University of Toronto had already provided a Bachelor of Science in Toxicology. He followed his passion and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from CMCC in Toronto, and pursued his interest to work in rural Ontario.

With 25 years of clinical experience and an emphasis on family care for all ages, Dr. Mark remains inspired by participating in the health journey of generations of patients in our community. Dr. Mark enjoys family life with his wife and two sons, speaking at local events and providing education about the body’s innate intelligence and adaptability towards health.

Dr. Blair Hogan


Dr. Blair Hogan experienced the health and quality of life benefits chiropractic care when he suffered form chronic headaches in his early 20s. At the time, nothing else seemed to work. Chiropractic did. Inspired by these positive results he pursued studies leading to a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Redeemer University. His chiropractor’s knowledge of the body functions and the role of the nervous system led Dr. Blair’s choice to then earn his Doctor of Chiropractic at Toronto’s CMCC, to make an inspired difference in people’s lives.

Being a Smiths Falls native, Dr. Blair has been so thankful to serve the community he grew up in. With an ongoing passion for educating and helping people achieve their optimal health, Dr. Blair has been blessed to walk alongside his patients in their journey to a healthier body and nervous system, and improved overall wellness.

Mary Garvin


Mary Garvin has dedicated her life to natural healing methods and empowering individuals on their healing journeys. With a background in biology and outdoor education, Mary’s passion for holistic wellness led her to become a licensed massage therapist, practicing several years abroad.

Mary has been an invaluable member of our healthcare office since 2015, specializing in Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Drawing on her expertise in LLLT, combined with 15 years of experience of massage modalities and patient management, Mary skillfully applies this healing tool to provide effective and transformative results for her patients.

At Smiths Falls Family Chiropractic, Mary is ready to support you on your healing journey. Experience the powerful regeneration ability of your body, through Low Level Laser Therapy under Mary’s care and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Matt Johnson

Registered Massage Therapist

Matt Johnson is deeply passionate about client education, he believes that everyone should have the tools to take control of their own health. Matt’s main focus is to help clients feel and function at their best.

Matt’s approach to care revolves around client engagement, and ensuring that the treatment aligns with their goals. Through a range of specialized massage techniques, including deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and soft tissue and joint mobilizations, he helps clients take back their daily lives.

Combining his background Bachelors in Kinesiology from Acadia University with is passion for his work, Matt’s experience and expertise will help you gain control of your well-being and guide you back to your optimal health. Experience the transformative benefits of his personalized treatments, tailored by him, for you.